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The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Veteran actor Michael Liebhauser has been

tapped to play the role of Charlie Brown in the Jamestown Community Theatre's production of "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown," now in rehearsals at the Community Center for performances on the weekends of Oct. 27 and Nov. 3.

It's going to be a busy fall for 12 -year-old Michael. Just last week he was cast for the role of Peter Crachit, the oldest son of Bob Crachit, in Trinity Rep's upcoming presentation of "A Christmas Carol."

Michael said that Charlie Brown is "a really good part." He explained the musical-comedy traces a day in the life of a boy and his friends. "It has some funny time lapses and has to do with things we probably all experience as children."

Michael, a seventh-grader who attends the Montessori School in Exeter, said he is used to being in plays with an all-children cast. "It's not a new experience for me, I've done lots of plays without adults. The big difference in this play is that Mary Wright is not directing. Each director has his or her own style, a different way of doing things. For example, the time budget in this play is much shorter and that can be a struggle for some people. There are only three rehearsals a week."

Michael said he's been in some 13 JCT plays, the last of which was last fall's "HONK!" in which he played the cat.

However, his favorite roles have been in productions off the island. They are "Into the Woods," in which he played the baker, for Fantasy Works in East Greenwich in the spring of 2005, appearing as the Artful Dodger in "Oliver "at the Zeiterion Theater in New Bedford last summer, and playing the young Duke of York in "Richard the III," produced by Brown University and the Trinity Rep Consortium in Providence this past summer.

Commenting on the JCT's present production, Michael said "Charlie" is going quite well. "I'm enjoying myself, and I hope everyone comes out to see it. It's going to turn out to be a great success."

Sharing the stage with Michael this time around are Hannah Cordes as Sally Brown; Tiffany Wolfe as Lucy Van Pelt; Georgia Wright is Snoopy; Caellum Kerr as Schroeder; Damien Beecroft, Linus Van Pelt; Kelsey Donohue, Woodstock; Ailsa Petrie, Peppermint Patty; Natalie Toland, Marcie; and Dana Larkin as the Little Red-Haired Girl.

The ensemble/chorus is made up of Sarah Smith, Nathan Housberg, Sydney Pazara, Alexa Geib, Raeshelle DeValerio and Alexandra Brown (no relation to Charlie and Sally).

"You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" is based on the lovable cartoon characters created by Charles Schulz. First appearing on Broadway in 1971, the musical comedy was revised in 1999 and has won two Tony Awards.


Memories from Bob Fleming:

"I couldn't help but recall to mind that fateful day of the 38 hurricane as I read a small article in the Walrus on Sept 21st mentioning it.

"I, too, was a first-grader at the Carr school on that eventful day. I know Mrs. Murray was teaching second grade and Mrs. Brazil the third grade, but cannot for the life of me remember who taught first grade except that I believe her last name started with a "C". But actually that is irrelevant to my story.

"As I recall, there was a little girl in our class who was on that bus when the tidal wave swept over it, and her brother survived the initial surge. But finding out that his sister was still missing, dove back into the water in an effort to save her. He too lost his life, never to be seen again.

"As I recall that traumatic event, I try to remember their names but memories fade and I am unable to. But again that is not what really emotionally moves me. To give up one's life for another, whether she be family member or just a friend, takes something special within.

"If someone recalls their names please send them to me at rjf621@ beld.net so I can light a candle in their memory and all who perished on that most dreadful day."


Lotsa kudos to Mo Vandal's grandsons. Nick has entered into his second year at Annapolis, and Eric, who is a senior in high school, has received early acceptance at West Point.


Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic continues his chat about those shots Biff gets from time to time.

"Continuing with the dog vaccine information, we are brought to a group of diseases called leptospirosis. There are up to four additional components of some dog vaccines that help protect against four different types of these bacteria, but there are other leptospirosis bacteria strains that we do not currently have vaccines against. All of these bacteria can cause vague symptoms, including fever, lethargy, and both kidney and liver disease.

"These infections can cause disease in people, unlike the other dog diseases we vaccinate for, which is one reason why we recommend vaccination. Infected animals spread the bacteria through their urine and can infect their local environment. Then other animals and people are at risk to exposure.

"Fortunately there are tests to determine if your sick pet has been exposed to leptospirosis, and with aggressive treatment most animals do well.

"However, preventative medicine with appropriate vaccinations, although not 100 percent effective, is preferred to trying to diagnosis and treat infected animals." WOOF!


We're with you Matt. We'll miss you.


Ronald Levasseur, commander, and Normand Vadnais Sr., vice commander of the American Legion, state of RI, were the distinquished guests at the September meeting of the Arnold-Zweir American Legion Post #22 at the Grange.

Discussions revolved around sponsoring blood drives and various children and youth programs in support of the families of our troops stationed overseas.

Local posts are also involved in getting Christmas packages ready to send to those serving abroad.


Lotsa hugs for Brian Volpe, who will be 14


John A. Murphy's Arthur Godfrey "poser" in last week's column drew some attention.

Ann Zartler wrote, "John Murphy is talking about Julius LaRosa. What I don't remember is why he was fired. And what was the name of the young female singer? Marilyn something? Marian something? Marian Marlowe seems to be pulled out of my memory bank."

And, from Charlie Masso, "That was none other than Julius LaRosa who was fired by Arthur Godfrey. Godfrey had a talent for firing people who didn't see things his way."

Kevin Carty e-mailed, "Julius LaRosa was fired on television, live no less, by Arthur Godfrey for not showing enough humility. The Old Redhead apparently couldn't stand young LaRosa's rising popularity."

Maribeth Traer said she and her husband, Jim, couldn't help but add their two bits worth to the Arthur Godfrey question. Jim immediately answered Julius LaRosa to the question and added, "He was fired because Arthur Godfrey said he wasn't sufficently humble."

Skip Kingsley of Wickford reports, "The singer whom Godfrey fired on his TV show while on the air was Julius LaRosa."

Bob Kinder came up with the same answer, as did Al Curtis, who said it happened in 1953.

Al brought "The Old Lamplighter" back and ticked off the following: It was a hit in 1946- 47, with vocals by Billy Williams. The orchestra was Sammy Kaye and music by Nat Simon. The lyrics were by Charles Tobias, and the song was recorded by RCA Victor.

Patty Vandal reiterates the above by reporting that her sheet music features Sammy Kaye.

Skip Kingsley said, "That was a piece of cake! Make them harder! Please!"

OK Skip, how about this one from Bob Kinder: "Who shut down all music recordings during WWII?"


What's next, Junior Assistant Principal?


Stacey Martin's New England Intensity are in first place in the American East Division of the Women's Professional Football League with a 6-1 record going into last weekend and are heading for the playoffs.


Who is Frank Beazley and why does he own the front page of the ProJo?


Members of Boy Scout Troop 1 and Cub Scout Pack 1 joined together the weekend of Sept. 23 for a Webelos Jam at Camp Aquapaug. Events included Ultimate Frisbee instruction by the older Scouts, basketball, flag football, performing skits, and cooking. (If you have trouble preparing omelets, ask the Scouts about their baggy eggs.)

Adult leader Jim Archibald said, "The best part about the event was that the younger Scouts had an opportunity to intermingle with the older members. This was an opportunity for the older Scouts to give the younger Scouts a feel of what camping and being a Boy Scout is all about. All in all it was a very positive event."

Scouts attending under the leadership of acting Senior Patrol Leader Jimmy Perry were Josh Nolan, Jack Trgenza, Nick Fay, and Matt Rafanelli.

In addition to Jim Archibald, adults accompanying the Boy Scouts were Phil Lee, Mike Perry, and Susan Fay.

Webelos attending were Ben Stuart, Nick Hanson, Sam DiGasper, Milo DiGasper, Ian Archibald and Evan Barrett.

Their adult leaders were Al Hanson, Greg DiGasper and David Stewart. Great job, guys!


Next Thursday is Columbus Day, but it is observed on Monday so people can have a three-day weekend. Fly your flag and eat Italian on both days. Mangia!

*** Be true!


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