2006-10-05 / Letters to the Editor

Ultimate in spin control

Gee, who knew Town Council members Kelly and Schnack were so well coordinated! Speaking out of both sides of their mouths, while at the same time backpedaling faster than a caged hamster on its exercise wheel in order to somehow assuage their own consciences in regards to the role they've played in precipitating Matt Bolles' retirement.

There may well be other concerns the council has regarding recreation department policies, but all their accusations regarding the financial relationship or structuring of the community theatre as a recreation program, along with statements made complaining about the JCT monopolizing use of the Community Center, have all been proven to be blatantly false and without merit. The numbers don't lie.

Elected officials with any integrity would be offering up a well-publicized mea culpa or public apology to the theatre, to Mr. Bolles, and to the Jamestown community at large.

Instead they have the gall to ironically nominate Mr. Bolles to participate in the creation of a new municipal commission to oversee

the operations of the town's parks and recreation department - an unpaid, volunteer position instead of the salaried job he has successfully handled for the past 17.5 years!

The Jamestown Community Theatre wants to congratulate Matt on his decision and voice a resounding collective "Thank-you!" for all his efforts over the past 16 years of the theatre's existence to make it the thriving recreation department program that it has been for island kids and their families. His hard work and accessibility to the community have been unparalleled. His service

to this town will be well remembered... which, obviously, is much more than can and will be said about the service of certain Town Council members.

We wish you all the best in your retirement and future pursuits, Matt. At least your retirement was a personal decision of your own choice, whereas I have a strong hunch that the retirements of both Mr. Kelly and Mr. Schnack at the hands of Jamestown voters will be resoundingly involuntary ones.

Kevin A. Somerville

president, Jamestown

Community Theatre

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