2006-10-05 / Letters to the Editor

Appreciation for Bolles' dedication

I am writing to add my voice to the growing chorus of those who have greatly appreciated Matt's dedication and integrity in his position and who seriously question Town Council member Michael Schnack's motivation and intent in questioning both his job performance and his association with the JCT (a dead horse issue if there ever was one, as this relationship has been clarified several time in the past. Asked and answered). There is zero conflict of interest.

I hope that Matt's recent announcement of his impending retirement does not derail (the townspeople) concern regarding Mr. Schnack's not-so-veiled insinuations about his (Matt's) job performance . . . and the media's reporting was not incorrect, as you provided direct quotes.

Council member Bill Kelly's letter to the Press is nothing but backpedaling. His remarks about Matt's association with the JCT are a red herring, and I'd like to hear from Councilmen Schnack and Kelly what programs they believe "may not be receiving the same attention and consideration as the Community Theater." To what special interest group do these gentlemen belong? What special attention did they not receive from the Parks and Recreation Deparmtent?

Those of us who have lived on this lovely island for over 30 years have witnessed Matt's changing a tiny, fledgling recreation department into a vital force in this town - an entity that works to meet the multi-faceted needs of this ever-changing community. He has proven his dedication to Jamestown. Councilmen Schnack and Kelly have done no such thing. I voted for them in the last election and will vote against them in the next one.

Martha J. Harris


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