2006-10-05 / Letters to the Editor

Bolles' shoes impossible to fill

It will be very hard if not impossible to fill Matt Bolles' shoes. To be sure my dealings with him have been limited, but they were at the busiest time of year, the week before Christmas, Christmas Eve, and the day after Christmas. On all three of those days for the number of years that the Pageant Committee used the recreation center for costumes, Matt opened the center, allowed the use of his office for costume storage during the week between the rehearsal and the pageant on Christmas Eve. The day after Christmas at 10 a.m., he was there so that we could retrieve the costumes for their return trip to Jeanne Bunkley's basement, where they spent the remainder of the year.

Matt is simply one of those people who is willing to go the extra mile. I am fortunate to have briefly known Matt, a highly intelligent, talented man of great integrity. I thank him.

Martha Milot


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