2006-10-05 / Letters to the Editor

Senior citizen programs needed

A recent letter comparing our teen programs to North Kingstown's reminded me of last winter. When my mother-in-law moved to Jamestown, I contacted the Senior Center and was surprised that there was very little offered in the way of programming. As many classes for seniors are self-supporting (with a small fee for seniors), it seems a waste that there is not more to offer Jamestown's seniors. Instead, my mother-in-law travelled each day to North Kingstown, whose Senior Center has a wide selection of classes such as tai chi, fitness, antique appraisal, line dancing, yoga, nutrition, and inexpensive services such as massage, reiki, and manicures, to mention only a few. Although serving a smaller population, our Senior Center could do better. They've already met the challenge of finding a space.

Kelly Easton-Ruben


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