2006-10-05 / News

JEMS compiles island house locater directory

Volunteers of the Jamestown Emergency Medical Services have compiled a directory of Jamestown street maps that identifies the location of each residence and business by street number. While the fire department, police and JEMS have all had the use of a "9-1-1" book, to date, there has been no source for identifying the actual location of houses on streets. As every Jamestowner knows Jamestown streets are at times unique and house numbers abide by no rules. Too often, rescue has been delayed while JEMS volunteers search for the correct house.

The Jamestown Fire Department has been provided a copy of the 350-page, loose-leaf book and the volunteers are working on an additional copy for the Jamestown Police Department.

JEMS wishes to thank Holly Turton for her many hours of assistance with this project.

JEMS would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to motivated members of the community who wish to volunteer for this vital community service. Drivers and crew are especially needed at this time. Training and uniforms are provided, and the satisfaction that comes with helping friends and neighbors in a very special way is all but guaranteed. Interested adults can call 423-7276 or write to the Jamestown Emergency Medical Service at P.O. Box 8, Jamestown, 02835.

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