2006-10-12 / Letters to the Editor

Casino article unbalanced

I was annoyed at reading Sam Bari's piece in last week's Press. Everything from the title "Islanders not betting on casino question," suggesting some kind of consensus, to the selective quotes, appeared to be an attempt to sway opinion. Surely no one can believe that the article represents balanced reporting; the last half contains unchallenged quotes from the governor, a staunch casino opponent. If Mr. Bari had wanted to, he certainly could have found countervailing opinions on the island.

Many of us who are going to vote for the amendment agree that it would be preferable to vote the concept before the proposal. Unfortunately, that vehicle was ruled unconstitutional, making a change in the constitution itself necessary if we are to move on the question. Given our history of hypocrisy with the gambling issue and our duplicity in dealing with the Narragansetts, many of us feel that we owe them this vote, despite our discomfort with Harrah's. Many corporate deals in this state have enjoyed constitutional purity and contractual transparency.

Dave Pritchard


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