2006-10-12 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to Bolles

Once again, here I am displaced in Kentucky and feeling the need to thank another member of our community. Thank you, Mr. Bolles, for 17 years of. . . .Wait, 17 years...hmm I'm 36 and went to the Rec everyday since I was 6. . .only 17 years? Then the last time I was involved in Rec Sports was when I was 19? That's not right.... Oh, I guess you worked for the town for 17 years. I find it funny that I keep reading about the Teen Center, and the rec department and the only name in all the articles that I can relate to the Rec is you! See, I remember you being there when I was a kid, I remember you joking with me about taking up soccer every time you saw me with a football. I remember people like you volunteering.

Thank you, Mr. Bolles for being a big brother, a father figure, a coach and having an interest in the children, teenagers, and adults of Jamestown. Anyone who wants to question your dedication to this island just needs to spend a few hours chasing Ping-Pong balls, sweeping the gym floor, and making sure for years that the game was on.

Christopher L. Smyth II

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