2006-10-19 / Front Page

Painting next for new water tower

By Dotti Farrington

Public Works Director Steven Goslee told the Town Council, sitting as the Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners Monday, that the contractor, Fisher Tank, capped the new water tower on Howland Avenue Friday and would be staging and encapsulating the tower in preparation for painting during the next few weeks.

In response to questions from the councilors, Goslee reviewed the impact the second tower's additional one million gallons would have on the municipal water system, which currently has only one tower with a one million gallon capacity. The new $1 million tower will essentially double the water pressure in the municipal system.

Council President David Long said, "That was the reason for building it."

"You get credit for what you do," Councilman William Kelly noted. Councilman Michael Schnack asked about water pipe improvements in connection with the new water storage tower. Goslee told him the town is replacing pipe to the curb and homeowners have the option to upgrade the pipe connection on their properties. He noted that the town does not do any work on private property.

Extension asked

Stephen Masso of 15 Weeden Lane is seeking a sewer service connection to his home. His engineer told the council that he needs a new septic system because his current one has failed, but the size and other factors of his lot mean that the separation between the system and his water well would only be about 25 feet. The councilors said the request

might be valid but insufficient data was submitted with it. They suggested Masso and his representative discuss the requirements with Goslee and his staff. The councilors emphasized that they are tough about new water service connections because of the island's limited municipal water supply.

They recalled a somewhat similar request they denied during the past year because the property owner did not submit the required proof that no other water source was available. They noted that the Masso property apparently is the only parcel in the neighborhood not connected to the town system that includes a fire hydrant near his lot, and they wanted to know why the property was not connected before tougher regulations were adopted several years ago.

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