2006-10-19 / Letters to the Editor

Stop deer hunting at Beavertail

Recently the Town Council received a letter from the (state) Department of Environmental Management stating that they wish to allow deer hunting at Beavertail State Park from Nov. 15 to Feb. 15.

The Town Council has the ability to protest this action and I urge them to do this immediately. The deer population in Jamestown is mostly in the north end of the island, with less than 40 at the south end. At the presentations given in past years by the DEM to the Town Council, it was clearly stated that deer only travel one to two miles from their "territory." So killing a few deer at Beavertail will not do anything to reduce the number of deer where they are most populated.

Because most hunters prefer to take a male deer (and the permits allow one male for 2 females), the deer that would be taken would probably be male deer. Any wildlife biologist will tell you that in order to reduce the number of deer, the female population needs to be targeted. That being said ,hunting at Beavertail could actually increase the population of deer already there.

Let us not be confused in thinking that this is an exercise to reduce the deer population. Besides this hunting will create a safety hazard with hunters sharing the park with those of us who like to walk, run, and bike there. This will impact the use of the park for one-quarter of the year. Let us leave the wildlife alone, and keep the Beavertail park a place that all of us can enjoy in peace. Please urge the Town Council to stop this from happening.

Nancy Crawford,


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