2006-10-26 / News

Disney film crew coming to Jamestown

By Sam Bari

The production of the Disney film "Dan in Real Life" started shooting today at an undisclosed Rhode Island location. The production will continue until late December. Filming is expected to start in Jamestown in about two weeks. The advance unit is already here.

The romantic comedy stars Steve Carell ("Little Miss Sunshine," "The 40 Year Old Virgin," and "The Office") as a widower and father of three daughters who falls in love with a woman he soon learns is his brother's girlfriend.

Juliette Binoche, Academy Award winner for "The English Patient," stars as the lovely woman Dan meets. Comedian Dane Cook ("Employee Of The Month") is his brother. Also starring in the romantic comedy are Oscar-winner Dianne Wiest ("Hannah and Her Sisters" and "Bullets Over Broadway"), John Mahoney of "Frasier" fame, and Alison Pill ("Pieces Of April").

"Dan In Real Life" is being directed by Peter Hedges and was written by Hedges and Pierce Gardner. Hedges previously wrote and directed "Pieces Of April," and wrote screenplays for "About A Boy" as well as "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," based on his novel of the same title.

Much of the filming in Jamestown will take place at Riven Rock, a classic summer home and family retreat overlooking Narragansett Bay. The house was built in 1911-1912 by T. D. Wright for Joseph Lovering of Philadelphia. Since the 1950s, Riven Rock has been a cherished retreat for four generations of owners.

Eoin Walsh, the Disney crew's man in charge of Jamestown locations, was born in Jamestown, and still resides on the island "when I'm not away working, which is most of the time," he said.

Walsh, his brother Colin, and their father Chris, a retired teacher who didn't like the retired life, are all in the film business. Chris and Eoin are location scouts, and Chris is a "greensman," a landscape designer and decorator for movie sets. Eoin began his career while in New Zealand, where he was hired to work on the production of "The Chronicles of Narnia." His credits also include "Underdog," and the Showtime series "The Brotherhood."

Scott Levine, the publicist for the movie, said that the crew is looking forward to filming in Jamestown. He said that every effort will be made to keep everyone informed of the shooting schedule and any interesting updates. He also said that they will involve locals when they can and cause as little inconvenience to residents of the island as possible.

Walsh said that the town appears to be pleased about the production and has given the advance crew a warm welcome. He also said that he finds filming a major movie where he spent his childhood quite exciting.

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