2006-10-26 / News of Record

Firefighters checked for bladder cancer

Local firefighters were screened for bladder cancer yesterday, sponsored by State Reps. Bruce Long and colleagues from East Bay communities.

The urine tests were offered free of charge to the firefighters as part of an awareness campaign to highlight the problem of bladder cancer in first responders, and to create a program to test for, collect data on, and educate all state firefighters on the issue.

Because of the burning materials that firefighters inhale, bladder cancer is twice as likely to occur in that population.

The new test for bladder cancer is similar to an at-home pregnancy test in which a small amount of urine is required for results. Previously, a cytoscope, which required the insertion of a tube into the urethra, was the testing method and cost hundreds of dollars.

Fire Chief Jim Bryer of Jamestown said he would make his crew aware of the testing and encourage them to participate.

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