2006-11-02 / Island History

This week in Island history

Week of November 2
Compiled by Sue Maden

The news of 10 and 15 years ago is from the Jamestown Press. The news of 75 and 100 years ago from the Newport Daily News comes from the collection of the Newport Historical Society.

100 years ago From the Newport Daily News, October 31, 1906:

One of the local farmers went to Newport this morning to secure a herd of young stock coming from Wickford via the steamer General. Having more than he and his man could well handle he turned a young heifer over to a lad who volunteered his services. Not accustomed to the restraints of city life, the animal made a break for liberty and succeeded in getting away from the boy, but he was equal to the occasion and as the heifer dashed by him he seized her by the tail. Up Franklin street, down Bellevue avenue and down Bath road the boy stuck manfully to his task, and the owner, after securing the animal he was leading, started in pursuit, finding his heifer out of wind but safe, the boy victorious with the animal corralled on a piazza on Bath road.

From the Newport Daily News, November 1, 1906:

(Letter to the editor) "Has Jamestown gone entirely to the bad," is a question often asked of late, and one that is about to be answered on the first Tuesday in November, when the vote for license (liquor) or no license is coming to the people. All farseeing citizens must realize the conditions that will prevail in the town under license. The class that want it is beyond hope, but let us look ahead and remember our children's children, even unto the third and fourth generations and, and vote "no license' for Jamestown.

From the Newport Daily News, November 3, 1906:

The law on rabbits went off this month and already several hunting parties have visited the island after that fleet little animal. They report rather poor success on account of the thick foliage.

Preparations are being made to test the big guns at Fort Wetherill in the near future. A full charge for one of the 12-inch guns is 364 pounds of smokeless powder, and it is expected that the ceilings and windows of some of the cottages near the fort may suffer from the concussion.

75 years ago From the Newport Daily News October 30, 1931:

The work of moving the curbing back about three feet, at the corner of Narragansett and Conanicus avenues, has been completed. This makes a much easier turn for the automobiles lining up for the ferry.

50 years ago From the Newport Daily News, October 30, 1956:

Ghosts and goblins were abroad in Jamestown yesterday preparing for the feast of Halloween. Instead of the customary waxing and soaping of shop windows, groups of school children, under the direction of their teachers, Miss Kathleen Helgesen and Miss Theresa Pimo and two parents, Mr. Henry N. Armbrust and Mrs. George Crawford, demonstrated their skills with water colors. Merchants throughout the town cooperated and scarcely a store window was left undecorated.

From the Newport Daily News, November 2, 1956:

A 12-weeks course in typing for beginners starts Monday night in the adult education class at the Jamestown Elementary School.

From the Newport Daily News, November 5, 1956:

Jamestown voters besides appropriating $5,000 for a recreational program, at the special financial town meeting Saturday, also sanctioned a $200 appropriation for the use of the Tercentenary Committee. The committee is planning the town's observance of its 300th anniversary in 1957.

Eight cars with 32 enthusiasts under the banner of Veteran Motor Car Club of America, toured Jamestown yesterday under ideal weather conditions.

25 years ago From the Newport Daily News, October 27, 1981:

The Jamestown Town Council Monday denied the application of Mr. Pipes Restaurant for a beer and wine license. Opposition to the license came from the Jamestown Shores Association and residents of the area. . . . (Councilman Abrahamson) cited a safety factor in that traffic coming off the Jamestown Bridge often is speeding. He said there were 13 places on the island to drink.

From the Newport Daily News, October 28, 1981:

The Jamestown Town Council Tuesday took no action on a recommendation to adopt emergency water use regulations. The North Pond reservoir has about an 85- day supply of water.

From the Newport Daily News, November 3, 1981:

The Federal Highway Administration will not accept a proposed new Jamestown Bridge that is less than 69 feet wide and still provide 80 percent of the funding, Sen. John H. Chafee said Monday night.

About 300 residents took advantage of a hearing on the proposed Jamestown Bridge Monday night to question the state's plan.

15 years ago From the Jamestown Press, October 31, 1991:

Members of the Town Council Monday again voiced their objections to the state Department of Transportation plan to build a bridge-connector highway across the island. In a letter to Gov. Bruce

G. Sundlun, which was approved unanimously, the council said that while it favored building a twolane frontage road from North Road into the south Jamestown Shores to improve access to that area, it did not think the state could guarantee that such a road would be built.

The town of Jamestown netted over $31,000 during a recent tax sale which included eight parcels of beach property in the Jamestown Shores that town officials wanted to purchase as a recreational area.

In a special session last week, the School Committee met to discuss the development of a strategic plan for the Jamestown school system.

10 years ago From the Jamestown Press, October 31, 1996:

An amendment to town laws that allow senior citizens with limited incomes to defer payment on up to 60 percent of their property taxes was adopted by the Town Council Monday night.

The Town Council Monday voted to name the cross-island highway the John C. Eldred Parkway, after the local Revolutionary War hero who is famous for firing a single cannon at British ships in the East Passage of Narragansett Bay.

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