2006-11-02 / Letters to the Editor

Shades of New Orleans

As a concerned resident of the Beavertail Road (Mackerel Cove) area of Jamestown, I was deeply concerned about the inaccessibility of Beavertail Road as an "emergency evacuation" route as well as the devastation to Mackerel Cove Beach last Saturday during storm conditions.

Where are our federal, state and local taxes going?

A secure Beavertail Road extension and/or a seawall along Mackerel Cove must be built so that approximately 200 families would not be stranded again from emergency access as they were this past Saturday. I can only envision Coast Guard helicopters rescuing residents of Jamestown during another storm if the above is not accomplished.

Of equal importance is the question of conserving our natural resources and preventing the erosion of our public beach which all residents of Jamestown enjoy.

Would not a seawall be a prudent measure towards insuring the beauty and safety of our environment?

Dr. Richard A. Robin

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