2006-11-09 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to the island EMS

In the early hours of Saturday, Oct. 21, the Jamestown EMS team helped save my father's life. The night before, my father had flown in from the United Kingdom. Confused about the time zone, my father, a diabetic, was in the process of almost falling into a diabetic coma as unconsciousness was rapidly setting in. All this was a result of very low blood sugar or hypoglycemia.

My family and I would like to take the opportunity to thank all members of the Jamestown EMS - from those unseen dedicated heroes and those directly on the frontline such as, amongst others, Mr. Guy Settipane, Mr. Richard Ventrone, and Mr. Mike Clarke. Their professionalism and perseverance helped rescue my father from any further serious health issues.

What we learned that morning was that a simple $5 oral glucose tube (which eliminates chewing, counting or measuring) can be bought over the counter at any pharmacy and is quickly absorbed by the body compared to sugar, candy, fruit juice or a soft drink.

A lesson learned - as a precaution and to prevent such an incident happening again - we now keep oral glucose tubes by the bedside, in a handbag, in the glove compartment of the car, and more importantly on person. A simple solution could help prevent the unnecessary loss of life.

Diabetic coma is a medical emergency. Always call 911 for help.

Thank you, Jamestown EMS - thank you for saving a life. God Bless.

The Bakhshi family,


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