2006-11-09 / Letters to the Editor

DEM failing as "wildlife managers"

After listening to the representatives of DEM attempt to justify a deer kill at our Beavertail State Park at last Monday's Town Council meeting, it became apparent that DEM is failing its state-mandated responsibility of managing our wildlife. DEM's response to reducing or stabilizing wild animal populations is to kill the "excess" animals. Perhaps there are other management options that are more benign, peaceful, and humane. As a "manager," DEM's responsibility should be to fully and impartially explore all wildlife population techniques, using scientific experts in their respective fields. DEM, together with these experts, should then objectively present these options to the appropriate municipal authority, in this case to our Jamestown Town Council and/or Wildlife Commission. In my opinion, that is DEM's job and they should pay for it. DEM should conduct this research, and present the information with the same enthusiasm as they have for promoting of the killing of wildlife.

Certainly we are aware that various animal populations, including human, have been favorably affected by utilizing birth control methods. Immunocontraception has shown to be a promising method of stabilizing, and eventually reducing, deer populations. The Town Council should demand that DEM fulfill its role as "wildlife manager" by providing a thorough, detailed, objective report as to the applicability of establishing such a program on Jamestown.

Sincerely David S. Martin

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