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Jamestown hunting rules issued by state DEM

Boundaries and specific rules for the first controlled bow hunting season for deer at Beavertail State Park were issued by the state Department of Environmental Management Monday when the Town Council adopted the hunting plan. (See separate story.)

The Beavertail park bow hunting season will start next Monday, Nov. 13, and end Jan. 31, 2007.

Regulations for hunting deer with guns were issued previously.


The northern hunting limits at Beavertail are on the west side of Beavertail Road from Pole 92 west to Narragansett Bay, and on the east side of the road from the pole with the DEM marker by the small path, north of the speed limit sign to the bay.

The southern boundaries are on the west side of the road at the northern edge of Parking Lot 2 west to the bay; and then north of the path around to the northern edge of Parking Lot 4.

Also, a safety zone has been established around the residence and antenna tower; and climbing of any park tower is not permitted.


At the Beavertail bow hunting area, no hunting of other species of wildlife is permitted. All regulations for general deer hunting apply.

No firearms are allowed on the property at any time.

Construction or use of permanent tree stands is banned. Use of nails, spikes, bolts or devices that may damage trees is prohibited. Portable tree stands are permitted but they must be removed at the end of the season.

Proof of bow and arrow proficiency testing is required to get permits. Hunters at Beavertail are being asked to log in at the Jamestown Police Station.

A maximum of 10 hunters a day will be allowed in the area on first-come, first served basis. Each hunter may register for up to five slots per week. Bow hunters may take a maximum of three deer at Beavertail, and may apply for gun permits and take six additonal deer elsewhere on the island, for a total of nine.

Other hunts here

Limited gun hunting for deer on private land took place here between Oct. 28 and Nov. 3. A second season of hunting with muzzleloaders or shotguns is set for Dec. 22 to Dec. 31. Deer hunters must purchase separate permits for each type of firearm, and only one firearm may be carried at a time. Annual written permission is required for all deer hunting on private land. Hunters must wear 500 square inches of fluorescent orange clothing during this combined season.

Regular deer hunting with muzzleloaders is open Nov. 4 through Nov. 26. Hunters are required to wear a minimum of 200 square inches of fluorescent orange during this portion of the muzzleloader season.

Shotgun hunting on private land is open Dec. 2 to Dec. 21.

Hunting hours Deer hunting hours remain

one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. All deer taken must be tagged immediately, and checked within 24 hours at a vendor-operated or state-operated check station, or by a DEM authorized representative.

Hunters should check DEM regulations for specifics about where hunting is allowed, and they should also check with local authorities for additional hunting restrictions.

Other hunting data

For the fifth year, the DEM is part of a nationwide Chronic Wasting Disease surveillance program. Details are available from check stations or DEM in Wakefield at 789-0281.

Hunters are asked to call the DEM at 222-3070 to report sick or emaciated deer or any deer displaying abnormal behavior.

Hunters may donate surplus game, properly processed, packaged, and refrigerated, to food kitchens, including those in Newport, through the Hunters and Fishermen for the Hungry program, co-ordinated by the Division of Fish and Wildlife in cooperation with the Rhode Island Food Bank.

The DEM in Wakefield provides guidelines on handling game and fish for donations, as well as game and fish recipes.

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