2006-11-16 / Letters to the Editor

Carr Lane too narrow for truck traffic

This letter was sent to the Town Council and copied to the Press:

When the cross-island Route 138 was in the planning stages, I was one of the alternate members from Jamestown on the planning committee. Therefore, I am aware why we have, at the center of Conanicut Island, only one onramp to go East and only one going West, instead of the usual cloverleaf ramps.

Meanwhile Weeden Lane was closed to through traffic and so was Eldred Avenue. This action stopped any connection between North Main Road and East Shore Road, except for the overburdened Narragansett Avenue and the narrow Carr Lane.

Many wide trucks, delivering lumber, sod, backhoes, water tanks for pools, etc. take up the whole width of Carr Lane. Several times I had to back out onto North Main Road so they could get out of Carr Lane. I was fortunate that there was no car using North Main Road at that time.

The edges of Carr Lane are so eroded that the town is receiving bills for car repairs due to the road condition. This historic lane was never meant even for passenger cars to pass, and the old stone walls on both sides of the road preclude it from ever being widened.

Therefore, my suggestion is to look at the existing part of Eldred Avenue and plan, with proper state permits, to continue, as it was previously, to North Main Road. It has to span over the wetland from the North (Pond) reservoir, but with slight elevation (permitting the water in the wetland to flow freely) it could be accomplished. We do not need federal okays as we needed when the Route 138 was planned.

This road, Eldred Avenue, has served us well in the past connecting safely all the traffic between North Main Road and East Shore Road. The narrow Carr Lane cannot do it.

Alena Caldarone, William Caldarone,

East Shore Road

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