2006-11-16 / Letters to the Editor

Humane society working to prevent hunt

Together, the Humane Society of Jamestown, Providence-based Defenders of Animals, and several residents of Jamestown have been working relentlessly to prevent Beavertail State Park from turning into a hunting ground. Last week the Town Council gave the Department of Environmental Management (DEM) their permission to move forward with their plan to allow archery hunting of the parks dozen or so deer beginning this past Monday, Nov. 13. With so few deer in the entire park, their plan has been intensely disputed. When the Town Council of Jamestown approved DEM's proposal for this hunt, the groups immediately filed legal action through their lawyer against DEM and the town of Jamestown. Although the judge concluded that DEM is acting within its authority, the HSJ took every step it felt necessary to stop this hunt.

Debbie Slattery


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