2006-11-22 / Letters to the Editor

Hunter gives his position on the deer situation

As a member of the Jamestown Wildlife Committee, representing the hunting faction in Jamestown, I would be remiss in not commenting on two recent articles in the Jamestown Press.

My first comment concerns the article in the Nov. 9 issue of the Press in which we read that our Council voted 4-0 to allow deer hunting at Beavertail State Park. In the article it mentioned that Chris Savastano, who is the chairman of the JWC was opposed to any type of hunting at the park. I know that these are his own personal feelings and I respect him for this, but I want everyone to know that not all committee members feel the same way.

My second comment concerns a letter written by Nancy Crawford, who is also a member of the JWC, which appeared in the Nov. 16 issue of the Press. In her letter she made an issue about the financial gain the RIDEM would realize by allowing this hunt to proceed. I'm not that good at math, but I feel that she is about 99.99 percent wrong with her figures. The DEM has nothing financial to gain by allowing this hunt.

All hunters wishing to hunt Beavertail have already purchased a license to hunt in Rhode Island and/or Jamestown. They also have an archery tag allowing them to hunt the same areas. Other than a proficiency card, which most archery hunters

already have, no other special tags or licenses are required. Thus, no extra fi- nancial gain will be realized by the DEM.

My personal feelings are that this hunt will do little or nothing to help solve the deer problem we have here in Jamestown, but it is a start. We have to convince more landowners to allow hunting on their property. We also have to think very seriously about allowing hunting on some of our town-owned lands. The time is coming and we will soon be facing a real big problem here in Jamestown.

I would be more than willing to talk to any landowners who are having a problem with deer on their property. If hunting is the answer, we have a number of qualified people to help handle the situation right here in Jamestown. If hunting is not an option, there are other ways to handle the problem, and the RIDEM is more than willing to help us find the answers. Richard J. Rembijas,

Jamestown Wildlife


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