2006-11-22 / Letters to the Editor

Insects have rights

As a corollary to the current controversy regarding deer hunting, and as an avowed insect rights activist, I am compelled to publicly register my protest regarding the pest control industry. Having been a home inspector for a period of time, I have witnessed firsthand the damage termites inflict and the disease that cockroaches spread. To those who say these precious creatures should be annihilated through the use of any lethal means . . . I simply question your humanity. After all, roaches have rights too, and most people are not even aware of the document. "The Tenets of Termite Tenacity, Eating Wood / Eating Good.," written by Hall of Fame termite, Marvin Mastication.

He contends that all creatures are equal in God's eyes. "Who are Homo sapiens to judge and exterminate any non-bipedal friend," Mastication writes, "all of whom have their place in our ecology and circle of life." I ask each of you to examine your heart and answer whether the disease and damage may well be worth the, uh... yes, inordinate overpopulation. But ultimately, who are we to judge? It is my contention that all fauna have rights and it is not the domain humans to take the life of any creature in God's realm.

In closing, enjoy your Thanksgiving! At minimum, enjoy it more than the turkey most of you will be eating. I am reasonably certain that if the turkey had its druthers, it would rather be gobbling than being gobbled. As I am equally certain the deer would rather be prancing than being impaled . . . then one day reality took hold.

And God forbid, if you should be eating a wild turkey! But then, mass extermination of turkeys, turkicide, in processing plants is somehow socially and ecologically acceptable. Go figure . . . but weren't we talking about deer . . . or was it insects?

In any event, I just have one word for you all. Heathens.

Richard Spahr,


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