2006-11-22 / Letters to the Editor

Questioning 'litigation'?

Lately, it seems that after every council meeting, the Town Council goes into executive session for "Litigation." What is all this litigation about? Is the Town being sued? Is the town planning to sue others?

As I prepare to pay my next installment of taxes, water and sewer charges, I wonder how much more money the town will be paying for unnecessary lawsuits.

A few weeks ago I read with interest that the sewage treatment plant's contract had been amended, from $2.9 million to $2.58 million; I understand that this was a negotiation to keep the contract within the $2.6 million allocated for part of the required upgrades. It was very disturbing to read that $320,000 of required improvements would need to be removed from the contract. Perhaps if the town had not gone on the unnecessary errand of suing Laz Siegmund, spending $200,000 on attorneys and expert witnesses, plus having to pay a settlement to Siegmund of $47,000, we would have had the money to make these improvements now, not years later when they will be much more costly.

The pursuit of unnecessary lawsuits is always expensive. Once in the hands of the attorneys, events escalate, and then spiral out of control, as evidenced by the Laz Siegmund lawsuit. The town should be focusing more on negotiation and less on frivolous lawsuits which only enrich the attorneys. It just seems that many issues that come before our Town Council become unnecessarily contentious. Politics should be the art of compromise.

Emma A. Durand,


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