2006-11-22 / News

Davidson Receives sailing award

US SAILING staff member Karen Davidson of Jamestown, coordinator for the keelboat program and the National Sailing Programs Symposium, has received US SAILING's C.R.E.W. Award.

Davidson was presented with the award on Thursday, Nov. 16, during US SAILING's House of Delegation meeting at the organization's annual meeting in Newport. The C.R.E.W. award recognizes US SAILING staff and volunteers who effectively set clear expectations, show mutual respect, and are committed to collaboration within the organization. Being presented with the award was a pleasant surprise for Davidson, who was not told about being selected for the award ahead of time.

Davidson has been with US SAILING for over five years and has held various positions during that time in different departments, including finance, publications, and training. She has taken advantage of each job assignment to hone her essential skills, which has allowed her along the way to recommend or make numerous process and service improvements across the organization. She has become, as a result, one of the most versatile people in the organization.

In the parlance of sailing, Davidson would be equally adept and comfortable as a skipper, tactician or in the pit.

For more information on the award and to make a nomination online, go to www.ussailing.org/ awards/crewcard.htm.

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