2006-11-30 / Letters to the Editor

Ali's challenge a big help

The North Kingstown Boys' and Girls' cross-country teams would like to thank Maureen Dunn Packer and the Ali's Challenge for their continued financial support of both teams.

Due to the generosity of Ali's challenge, the cross-country teams have been able to participate in two major invitationals. The Manhattan Invitational in New York, and the Great American Cross-Country Festival in Hoover, Ala.

The girls' team finished fifth at Great American, competing against the top teams from 37 states. On Nov. 5, both the girls' and boys' teams went on to finish in first place in the Rhode Island state meet. Quite an accomplishment!

The following week, at the New England meet, the teams competed against the best teams from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Connecticut. The boys finished eighth and the girls finished second.

Because of the generous support from Ali's Challenge, the cross-country teams were able to compete in these important invitationals. Running in these major races against some of the country's top runners provided the level of competition necessary that made the North Kingstown girls' and boys' cross-county team the best in the state this year.

Thank you,

Coach Paul Tetreault,

Coach Keven O'Neil, and the boys' and girls'

cross-country teams

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