2006-11-30 / Letters to the Editor

Carr Lane is dangerous

Two recent letters to the editor commented on the problems and dangers created by closing Eldred Avenue from North Main Road to East Shore Road when the crossisland highway was constructed. This created a situation where the only access across the island north of Narragansett Avenue became the narrow and little-used Carr Lane. I frequently must use this lane when coming from the mainland to my home on Reservoir Circle and have encountered numerous dangerous situations in passing oncoming cars and trucks, particularly at night.

Also because the lane is so close to stone walls, there is little time to avoid deer, which frequent the area at night. Over the recent years, I have had two occasions of near misses.

The irony of this is that the reason for closing Eldred and building huge tunnels under the crossisland road was to protect the deer and allow them, along with bunnies, to cross from one side to another safely. I don't believe there was ever a deer accident when Eldred was open.

Eldred Avenue should be reopened! One comment against this proposal was that it would be very expensive because another bridge would have to be built. One huge bunny-tunnel would have sufficed and the savings would have easily covered rebuilding Eldred. Realistically, there is no need for a bridge. Only fair-sized culverts would be required for the natural drainage into the wetland to the south.

I don't expect any action to be taken until there is a fatal collision on Carr Lane. While we wait for that inevitability, fear not; the deer and the bunnies, and even elephants, will be safe and able to move about the island.

Bill Sprague,


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