2006-12-07 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Each year at this time, in the weeks leading up to Christmas, we ask islanders what gift they would like to have from Santa.

We tell them money is no object, and they can have whatever they would like except peace on earth, which is not available.

We start this year with Tom Stacom who would like a new hoop. Katrina Westall, "a horse."

Pat Holtzman wants to go to the Bahamas.

George Dolos "would like to feed more Jamestown pizza lovers."

Kaan Kurt, "an iPod." Will Deffley, "a Play Station 3."

Ilesh Patel would like 2007 to be a good business year.

K.C. Barrett replied, "golf balls."

John Rafanelli will look under the tree for a NBA 2007 video game.

Fred Pease has always wanted a 225-foot icebreaker on which he can take a crew of doctors to any place on the earth to provide free medical procedures to children who do not otherwise have access to those services.

Suzanne Cooke, "for my children's wishes to come true."

Bill Reardon, "Another Red Sox world championship."

Harry Curfman wants a mild winter.

Chelsea O'Neill, "My boyfriend home from Iraq."

Patty Crowell has her eyes on a Nano.

Meghan Marsh, "an iPod" Justin Topp wants a Sidequick. Eric Bieler, "a smiling Sonya."

Heather Ryng, "a mother's ring."

Paula Noll, "Enough money to take the summer off."

Meghan Rice wants a black

Labrador puppy.

E-mail jtnwalrus@hotmail.com or call 829-2760 with your Christmas "want."


Anna Templeton-Cotill was first in with the answer to last week's poser. She provided the second line to "I don't want to set the world on fire," which is, "I just want to start a flame in your heart."

Rose Fraley gave us those lines and then provided the third, "In my heart I have but one desire, and that one is you - no other will do."

Nice lyrics.

John A. Murphy wrote that the song "is one of the classic lead-ins to a great Ink Spots chorus. Another great Ink Spots hit: 'Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat!' That's my favorite."

How about it, folks? Anyone else know "Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat!" ?


If you're taking your pet on a Christmas visit out of town, there are some things you should do first, according to Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic.

"Many pets and owners will travel during the holiday season. Be courteous to your hosts and make sure your pets are welcome before bringing them along. Nothing spoils a party or vacation more than an emergency vet visit because Fluffy really does not get along with other cats or dogs. Many people also have bad allergies to pets and may prefer to not have Fluffy over for the holidays. If you are traveling by car, your pet may need motion sickness medicine or even sedatives, and only your pet's doctor can help you there.

"If you and your pet are flying, you must contact the airline and find out what paperwork you will need. If flying internationally, there are additional regulations, and you should contact the USDA or embassy of the country you are flying into to get all those issues addressed well before you need to leave in order to avoid holiday headaches at the last minute." Woof!


Check out the great tree illumination in front of Atlantic Lawn & Garden on Narragansett Avenue. Really cool.


Don't forget the Jamestown Community Chorus' Holiday Concert Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Central Baptist Church.

Enjoy the beautiful sounds of Christmas.


The rats are back. Got a big one Saturday.


Matthew Clarke asks, "What is with the 4-by-8 sheet of plywood posted next to the fire station parking lot. Isn't it time for this ugly sign to come down? After all, the election is over."

Dunno Matt. Still celebrating, we guess.

*** Kudos to islander Caitlin Crawford,

the top runner at North Kingstown High School who will be attending

Wake Forest next year on a partial sports scholarship.

Caitlin told us she is "excited" at the prospects and plans to compete on the cross-country, indoor and outdoor teams.


Members of Boy Scout Troop 1 were out doing their community service last week.

On Thursday, they were busy at the library hauling books from the basement upstairs for a winter book sale. On Monday, scouts returned to the library to carry the slow-sellers back to the cellar.

During the tree lighting, troop members stood by at the log fire with water buckets and kept youngsters from getting too close to the flames. Great job, guys.


Islanders are out and about this Christmas season visiting stores and restaurants on Narragansett Avenue and generally enjoying the lights and gaiety of the upcoming holidays.

However, it wasn't thus on Narragansett Avenue during the Christmas season of 1775.

In "A Short History of Jamestown on the Island of Conanicut Rhode Island" by W.L. Watson in 1933, the author prints the details of what happened on the avenue on the morning of Dec. 10, 1775, as described in the diary of Ezra Stiles, a Newport minister.

"Dec. 11, 1775. About 1 o'clock yesterday morning a Bomb Brig, 1 schooner, & 2 or 3 armed sloops went to Conanicott & landed upward of Two hundred Marines Sailors & Negroes at the E. Ferry and marched in three divisions over to the W. Ferry, & set the several houses on fire there, then retreated back sett fire to almost every house on each side of the road, & several Houses and Barns some distance on the N. & S. side of the Rode, driving out Women & Children etc.

"A Company of Minute Men had left Conanicut the Aft. before so that there were but 40 or 50 soldiers on the Island, of which 22 were well equipped. At the Cross Rodes there was a Skirmish our pple killed one Officer of Marines and wounded 7 or 8. Not one Colonist was killed or hurt in the Skirmish. The Kings forces fired on Mr. Jno. Martin aet 80 standing at his Door and wounded him Badly. Mr. Fowler had about 30 Head Cattle: these the Regulars carried off and perhaps a dozen Head more, about 30 Sheep & as many Turkeys, & some Hogs, Beds, Furniture and other plunder. They returned on board at X or XI o'clock & came to this Harbor (Newport) about Noon.

"The Alarm spread, & I am told there are this day Three hundred Men on Conanicutt & Eight hundred upon the Island. The Town in great Consternation.       "Houses Burnt & Lost Widow Hull ...............1 house Jos. Clarke, Esq .......... 2 houses & 1 Barn Thos. Fowler .............1 house & 1 Crib Ben Ellery ..................2 houses & 1 Store Benj. Remington .......2 houses Jno. Gardiner .............2 houses & 1 Tanyard Gov. Hutchinson ........ 1 house Wm. Franklin .............2 houses Abel Franklin ............1 house Bend. Robinson ..........1 house 15 Dwellings"     Christmas in the village, 1775.


Today is Pearl Harbor Day - fly your flags at half-staff until sundown.

*** Be true!


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