2006-12-07 / About Town

North Kingstown High School honor roll

These Jamestown students were named recently to the first quarter honor roll at North Kingstown High School:

From grade 12, Jeffrey Cammans, Chelsea Cordes, Donald Dauphinee, Elsie Desalvo, Alicia Farrell, Gwyneth Henning, Gary Largess, Kyle Lemke, Amanda Mulligan, Ian O'Dwyer, Alex Sugalski and Jodie Woodside.

Matthew Barber*, Gregory Casey*, Caitlin Crawford*, Alyssa Davis*, Meryl Evangelista*, David Frank*, Elisabeth Gregoire*, Meaghan Hitt*, Caitlin Hull*, Evan Katz*, Alicia Lane*, Michael Marshall*, Shannon Muldoon*, Catherine Randall*, and Kelsey Wiggin*;

In grade 11, Oliver Allaux, Leah Baines, Ashley Britton, Jon- Michael Degidio, Wyatt Dunn, Sydney Ferguson, Caitlin Kelly, Emily Miniutti, Natalie Pruell, Kyra Reppe, Michael Robinson, Victoria Ryng, Ashley Smith, Ryan Spahr, Justin Sularz, Brett Uttley, and Courtney Westall. Ashley Amiot*, John Chase*, Jason Gorelick*, Peter Imbriale*, Kate Moreau*, Molly Welsh*, Jeremy Wigton*, and Kelly Wooley*;

From grade 10, Camille Baker, Catherine Brennan, Jessica Bucklin, Jessica Burrows, Alexander Clarke, Danielle Dutra, Kenneth Lush, Emmelia Lutes, Hadley Neale, Eric O'Neill, Kathryn Safford, Caitlin Salt, Michael Wright, and Eric von Hohenleiten Colleen Bailey*, Cheryl Barber*, Kendra Davis*, Victor Lambert*, Kelsey McDonough*, Ryan Morris*, Gregory North*, Sara Pease*, Alexander Seidler*, Emma Sherer*, and Nathaniel Vigneault*;

In grade 9, Samuel Baines, Allison Bryer, Alexander Byrnes, Victoria Dolce, Quinn Earley, Nicole Ethier, Sarah Golding, Megan Greene, Michael Harpool, Eloise Heath, Rory Kirby, Kaan Kurt, Clay McKenna, Harrison Mielde, Danielle Perez, Hillary Schumacher, Michael Spahr, Dylan Walsh, Jacob Wigton, Christopher Wright, and Kyle Wright.

Eric Bednarczyk*, Eric Budd*, Eliza Chase*, Madelaine Crabtree*, Sarah Croak*, Sarah Crowell*, Emily Lester*, Kelly Scully*, Allison Smith*, and Alice Toll*. * denotes high honors.

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