2006-12-07 / About Town

Navy ambulance loaned to JEMS

Last week, the Jamestown Emergency Medical Services organization found themselves without an ambulance after EMS 1 sprung a fuel leak that was spraying diesel fuel around the engine compartment.

JEMS Director Rick Hodges said that EMS 2 was already down because the brakes were overheating when an EMT called in about 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 29 to report that EMS 1 had the fuel problem.

Hodges said the JEMS is a quickthinking and resourceful group and that Mike Pinksaw, whose father works on the Newport Naval Base, said he was aware of an ambulance on the base that was idle. "By 5:30 p.m., phone calls were made, and by 6:10 we had another ambulance on the island," Hodges said. "It's a good thing, because we had three calls during that night," he added.

Hodges said his team had to get used to a vehicle "where we didn't know where anything was," but other than that, the borrowed ambulance and crew were able to fully function on calls.

The Navy ambulance was returned within 24 hours, Hodges said.

On Monday morning, Hodges said that EMS 1 had been fully repaired and was back in service. EMS 2 was in Central Garage having its brakes repaired, he added.

These incidents coincidentally coincide with the JEMS annual capital fund drive, Hodges said, noting that a letter asking residents for help in replacing the 10-year-old EMS 2 will be sent out soon.

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