2006-12-07 / About Town

Holiday Memory

"It happened when the Beanie Babies were very popular, about six or seven years ago. Two girls, perhaps age 10 or so, would come in almost every day. They'd go to the children's room in the back and discuss the Beanie Babies. They chatted about how they were saving their pennies, and how long it would take them to save up enough money to buy one to share with each other. Their plan was to buy a Beanie Baby, so one of them could play with it for a week, and then they other one would keep it for a week.

One day when they were in the back room discussing their dream, a lady came into the shop and overhead them. When the girls left, the lady stepped up to the counter and said she would buy two Beanie Babies, one for each of the girls. She refused to tell her name, though, or where she was from.

That was the same day that Santa arrived on the island by boat. The following day, when the girls came in, I said, 'Do you know what? Santa stopped by and left two Beanie Babies for you.

The girls said they had seen Santa, and their eyes lit up. "Thank you, thank you!" they cried. They each got their own Beanie Baby.

I never saw the woman again and never knew where she came from. But it was a beautiful act of kindness from a Secret Santa."

- Rena Tyson of R&R Gallery

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