2006-12-07 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks, SELAC leaders

As the 2006-07 school year swings into full gear, the Jamestown Special Education Local Advisory Committee (SELAC) would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to Terri Tamase, outgoing chairwoman of SELAC. Terri's tenure at the helm of our committee was conducted with great diligence and intelligence, a tireless attention to detail and organization, and an unwavering commitment to safeguarding the first-rate special education professionals and program offered by the Jamestown schools.

The needs and demands of a successful special education program can only be met when the program has not only the full support and commitment of the school community, but the backing of the town government and community at large. One of the missions of SELAC is to cultivate that vital support and commitment, and under the direction of Terri Tamase, it achieved that and so much more.

We would also like to recognize the commitment and efforts of Tracie Shea, who served as Terri's co-chair during the 2005-06 term. Tracie has also been an invaluable contributor to the successes of SELAC and shares Terri's unwavering commitment to the special education program.

Thank you both for a tremendously productive tenure as cochairs of SELAC and for your continued participation in the SELAC mission. We pledge to devote our energies and efforts at trying to meet the standard you have set as we lead SELAC this year in its ongoing commitment to special education in Jamestown.

Donna Perry, Anthony J. Rafanelli,



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