2006-12-07 / News of Record

For the record

Town Councilman Michael Schnack took exception to a story in last week's Press that might give the impression that he is against putting the teen center at the Community Center.

Written by Dotti Farrington, the article said that Schnack "balked about officially authorizing any town teen center."

"The point I was trying to make" at the Nov. 27 meeting was that "it's not the Town Council's job to determine where offices or programming happens for teen or any other function," Schnack said."That's micromanaging," he said, adding, "We're not supposed to do that."

"I fully support teen programming," Schnack said. But it is the job of the Town Administrator, "who is doing a great job and we fully support him" to decide where teen programs should occur,

he added.

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