2006-12-14 / About Town

Properties to be sold at tax sale tomorrow

By Dotti Farrington

Four properties are set to be auctioned off during the annual tax sale tomorrow, Dec.15, at 10 a.m. at the town library.

Current property owners may remove their properties from the auction by paying the taxes due on them. Otherwise, they have up to one year to redeem them, the town financial office said this week. Successful bidders must wait a year before the sale becomes final.

Properties due to be sold are listed by owner with approximate amounts of overdue taxes due. They are:

• Philip K. Burton, 35 Top O’ The Mark Drive, $6,300, house included.

• Richard & Joan Johnston, Lot 251, Mast Street, $2,000, land only.

• Robert F. Keough Jr., 9 North Bayview Drive, $5,200, house included.

• L. Brayton Foundry Building Co., Lot 115, Stern Street, $2,000, land only.

Experience has shown that most owners redeem their properties by payment of the taxes, according to the financial office.

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