2006-12-14 / Letters to the Editor

Right tree, right place

“The right tree for the right place” was the mantra inculcated into every student who took the Rhode Island Tree Council’s Tree Steward Course. During the 13 years that I worked for the tree council we labored diligently to re-plant the cities and towns of the state with lovely trees, always emphasizing “the right tree for the right place.”

When planting trees there are always trade offs. Does the tree grow too tall under wires, will it block an intersection, will its roots pull up the sidewalk, and in Jamestown particularly, will it block a water view?

When my husband and I moved to Jamestown 30 years ago we developed our property into a tree farm, planting over 6000 seedlings through the years. At the same time we selectively cut trees to improve our water view.

Jamestown citizens Mr. and Mrs. Antine have the right to protest the trees planted at the corner triangle of Walcott Avenue and High Street. They are the wrong trees in the wrong place. And the notion that the America The Beautiful Grant was written in concrete, and therefore the town would not receive its $5,000 grant unless the trees were planted in the triangle is not true. I know because I helped to administer those grants for 13 years.

Emmett Turley understands. The Jamestown tree committee should develop a master plan for Jamestown. The plan should be openly discussed, giving citizens a chance for input, and then adopted.

Nothing will discourage tree planting more on this island than the wrong tree in the wrong place.

Norma B. Willis,


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