2006-12-14 / Letters to the Editor

A life-changing experience

The Jamestown Lawn Avenue School held a contest for all eighth graders. The two winners would be lucky enough to go onto the set of “Dan In Real Life.” Everyone was so excited, and so was I, but no nearly as excited as what I was when my name was announced over the loud speaker. The very next day, Laura Katz and I would be on the set of “Dan In Real Life.” We arrived at the school on Saturday, Nov. 18 and were greeted by a man who worked on the set. We were then shown where all of the props are and where the actors waited before going on to the set. We were able to watch them film a scene. At the end we met Steve Carrell, a star in the movie. After that, we had to go. I wanted to thank Mr. Carrell, and all of the people who worked on the set for being so nice, and the Jamestown School for giving me this lifechanging experience.

Lacey Segal


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