2006-12-21 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

It looks as if the island’s Christmas Pageant Sunday will go on without the traditional donkey.

But the animal kingdom will be well represented by sheep from the Watson Farm and an ox at the recreation of the Nativity scene on Shoreby Hill at 5 p.m. Christmas Eve.

In the stable will be Greg DiGasper as Joseph and Mandy Thran as Mary. On scene and dressed in elegant garb will be Wisemen Bruce McIntyre, William “Bucky” Brennan, and Bill Murphy. Angels are Taylor Toth, Annabel O’Donnell, Emily Van Gelder, Hanna Geib, Meagan Randall, Aubrey Campbell, Emily Kalfelz, Kelsey Cabrera, Holly Bobola, and Cyanna Turillo.

Donning Sheperd robes will be Bill Kelly, Bob Dolan, John Mc- Grath, Win Reed, Larry Bartley, Cameron Toppa, Matt Rafanelli, Carson Toppa and Dave Volpe.

Lay Readers are Ray Dunlevy, Jim McLoughlin, and Charlotte Richardson.

On guitars will be Fred Brome and Kendra Davis. Marcia and Caitlyn Brome are the vocalists.

Pageant Director Susan W. Lutes urges everybody to dress warmly and bring flashlights to follow along with the Christmas carols. “This is a treasured Jamestown tradition started in 1975 by islander and artist Jeanne Bunkley. Don’t miss this wonderful way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.”

Special thanks should go to the committee members who each year prepare for this beautiful 20- minute ceremony. They are Susan and Jeanne, Bill Munger, Don Richardson, Jim McLoughlin, Mary Waddington, Mary Heath, and Betsy Gooding.

Pageant sponsors are the Lions Club.

Any last minute donkey sightings, call Susan at 423-7435.

If it’s raining stay home. Snow is OK. Merry Christmas!


Jim Pemantell has the answer to the missing nativity donkey. “I think he is in Washington, D.C., if you get my drift.”


More Christmas “wants” for Santa:

Mike DeVito wants more water for the island.

Alice Dunn, “To be done with school.”

Melissa Wicks, “A house.”

Sandy Paterson, “to buy everybody a margarita.”

Mary Murphy wants a sixmonth long vacation.

Dale Rocha, “a second home somewhere exotic.”

Bonnie Jamison, “I want to feel good every day of my life.”

Dr. Joshua Hatch, “more snow.”

Melissa Shuhy would like a vacation somewhere warm.

Heidi Lessard wants to have her whole family home for Christmas, all 39 people.

Helenna Livernois, “a 50-foot sailboat.”

Cathryn Jamieson, “An unlimited credit card from Nordstroms.”

Laura Brown wants to go back to work.

Amy Krainin wishes for a “long, healthy life for my 94-yearold father.”

Marcus and Jana Cochran want a house all paid for in Jamestown.

Shawn Mayers writes, “Got very homesick just now checking out the Press online… the holidays in Jamestown are just the BEST!

“We’re sure to have a white Christmas here in the Midwest, but we sure will miss all our island friends. So my wish this holiday is for everyone in Jamestown to close their eyes and remember, ‘There’s no place like home!’”

Wendy Harvey, “Someone who can buy my husband’s 95’ commercial boat so he can stay at home.”

Megan Lessard wants a new digital camera.

Marleen Murphy, “a dog.”

Her husband, Bill, is still hoping for a helicopter, but now with an added cat carrier.

Ada Reveron, 5, would like to receive a stethoscope.

Matthew Clarke, “A few more years without hurricanes, ‘reasonable’ homeowners insurance prices, a cure for Alzheimers and cancer, and more people who like to weed at the community farm. If I cannot have that, a couple of pounds of steamers and a boiled lobster with a beautiful sunset will do.” The Walrus, “Matt’s leftovers.” HO! HO! HO!


Speaking of lobster, good friends of ours who fly in from California a couple of times a year and whose favorite Rhode Island food is lobster roll, say that Chopmist Charlie’s has the best in the state.


The RI Festival Chorus, a group of five choruses from throughout the state, is conducting a rolling raffle.

The chorus, founded by B.J. Whitehouse and the Jamestown Community Chorus, is selling 250 tickets at $20 each and offering 18 chances to win. Winners entries will be put back in the barrel for multiple chances for a single ticket.

B.J. said there are 16 weekly prizes of $50, an initial drawing on Jan. 6 for $500 and a grand prize of $1,000 to be drawn at the RISings II concert on April 29 at the East Providence High School.

“The concert will rock. We have hired Dr. Robert A. Harris of Northwestern University as our guest director and the 200 singers from the combined choruses will join together at the end for some great choral music,” B.J. enthused.

Raffle tickets are available from Jamestown Community Chorus members or by calling B.J. at 423- 1574.


It’s not a good sign when the state police tell newspapers to remove items from their sports pages or anywhere else for that matter.


I double dare you to sit over here. I double dare you…


There is more than one way to help animal organizations this time of year, according to Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic in his Pet Tip of the Week.

“Many animal groups depend on donations from pet lovers all year long, and the holidays are no different. Some groups like the ASPCA are nationwide and involved in everything from local rescues to lawmaking. Other groups like breed specific rescues (greyhound rescue, golden rescue, etc) are more focused on finding good homes for those specialty breeds.

“More locally we have many great shelters and rescues that value every donation and may have been where you found your precious pet in years past. Donations do not have to be in the form of money, either. Blankets and towels are always in short supply, old newspapers and extra kitty litter help keep the cages clean, extra food and water bowls or spare pet food can always find a hungry pet to help. So, include the less fortunate cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, ferrets, and all furry and non-furry pets in your holiday giving and help make everyone’s holiday a bit more special this year.”


It was 40 years ago that Violet Hayward Doty sold her store, Doty’s Variety & TV, to Tom Howayeck, her next door neighbor on Ferry Wharf and the owner of Pitcher’s.

Before it was Doty’s, it was Hayward’s, and Violet ran them both from 1930 to 1966.

Her son, John, said that she’ll be 95 in March.


Deputy Town Clerk Kimberly Turcone reports that 281 items from the Town Hall Mitten Basket were delivered to the Newport County Women’s Resource Center and a second trip is being planned.

“Over 180 items were handmade this year, leaving me to believe that there are many busy knitters as well as crocheters out there in our community. The receptionist at the center told me that every item is given away within days of receiving the Town Hall Mitten Basket, and that they never have anything left over. It’s nice to know that such a small thing such as a pair of mittens or scarf can mean so much to someone else. We are truly blessed,” Kim said. Great job, ladies!!


Members of Boy Scout Troop 1 spent Saturday afternoon with laser games at Lazer Gate in Massachusetts followed by a campfire roast at the Chase Farm.

Attending were Scoutmaster David Volpe, Brian Volpe, Kyle Wright, Drew Matley, John Chase, Zack Volpe, Nathanial Hopkins, Michael Brendlinger, Eric Archibald, Vaughn Nelson-Lee, Sam Baugh, Nick Fay, and Emilio Kurz.


In last week’s column, we told you how Jamestown Postmaster Charlie Burns intercepts letters to Santa and puts them in a separate satchel that goes directly to the North Pole so the merry one will have plenty of time to reply.

A young lady asks for a field hockey stick, goggles for field hockey, arts and crafts, some clothes for her and her American Girl Doll Samantha Parkington so they’ll match.

“Please may I also have a save and learn ATM machine, a new lunch box any color, and anything else you can think of. You may pick a few of these presents. Thank you for everything.

“I will leave the reindeer carrots and you cookies and milk.

“Santa, do you still have all of the same reindeer?”

“This is what I want for Christmas. I want a puppy, a nut cracker, a Hess truck, a few HO trains, a few Lego sets, an amphibious remote control truck, a roboticks kit, and a few supries.

“I have been a VERY good boy.”

“I’m sending my list a bit early because I finished it. Hope all is well at the Pole, and Mrs. Clause is keeping warm!

“These are only suggestions, of course, and the final result is up to you. They are also in order of importance to me.

l. Digital camera - not a super duper fantastic one, but not Fisher Price either 2. Sims Pets 2 for Nintendo DS 3. AirHogs R/C Aero Plane 4. Pokemon Rangers for DS

5. Super Mario Bros DS

6. G Flex Sound Booster Portable Audio Chair blue”

“I love you, Santa. I have been doing good behavior. Will you please bring me some of these toys for Christmas please?

1.The Little Mermaid movie

2. Some princesses like Ariel, Jasmine and Mular 3. Dress up 4. Princess dress-up stuff

5. New coloring books

“Thanks a lot Santa Claus! I will leave you some cookies and milk!”

“Dear Santa Claus, I want (for my American girl doll) an equesteran outfit and a horse.

“Or for Christmas I would like the sleigh and horse or carrige and horses or I would like a sled for me.

“Or I would like wandmaker’s guide at Barnes and Noble. Or the horse stuffed animals that were there.

“Or I would like Butterscotch the robot horse.

“Or you could pick my present out, but just in case, I want something related to horses, dragons, or magic.”

“How is your reindeers doing? Is one of them hurt or anything? This is what I want for Christmas please. I don’t care if I don’t get all of them.

“Pretend flowers, pretend phone, Barbie Glitter Swirl Fairy, Barbi Play All Day Set, Pollywood Limo- Scene, Littlest Pet Shop digital Pets with bracelet, Lucky the Wonder Pup, bavy pony, my own sticker book, easy bake oven, tiger, CDs Raise the Children and any CDs you think I will like, Art Stuff, my own mug with my art on it, and a bathrobe.

“How is Mrs. Claus? Ask her if I can get a present from her. How are the elves doing? Are they making good toys for everyone.”

“How was your year? It has been very warm this December here in RI. Has it been very cold up at the Noth Pole? There is a couple things I would like this year for Christmas.

“They are: a watch, a magic kit, new arts and crafts, pens, pencils, a toy for my rabbit that you got me last year and a toy for my cat.

“Say hi to Mrs. Claus and your workers at your workship. Have a safe ride and Merry Christmas.”

Merry Christmas to you Heidi and all the other letter writers and many kudos to Postmaster Charlie Burns for having all the answers on time.


The PTO still has Entertainment Books for sale at both school offices and at Baker’s Pharmacy.

And if anyone is in the market for gift cards for the holidays the PTO has a wide variety available for immediate purchase.

Both the books and the cards can be delivered directly to you by calling Bev Rudman at 423-1528.


Today is the Winter Soltice. It’s all up hill from here.

A joyous, Merry Christmas to everyone.

*** Be true!


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