2006-12-21 / About Town

Christmas pageant Sunday night

The annual pageant will be at 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, at the Shoreby Hill green. Everyone should bring flashlights and a good voice to participate in the sing-along. The pageant, which features a

live nativity tableaux performed by island residents, lasts about 20 minutes and ends with a tree lighting on the green.

The event will go on if it is snowing, but can be cancelled due to rain.

This year’s participants include Greg DiGasper as Joseph, Mandy Thran as Mary, and Bruce Mc- Intyre, Bucky Brennan, and Bill Murphy as the three wise men.

The manger angel will be Taylor Toth and other angels are Annabel O’Donnell, Emily van Gelder, Hanna Geib, Meagan Randall, Aubrey Campbell, Emily Kallfelz, Kelsey Cabrera, Holly Bobola, and Cyanna Turillo will be the tree angel.

Shepherds will be played by Bill Kelly, Bob Dolan, John Mc- Grath, Win Reed, Larry Bartley, Cameron Toppa, Matt Rafanelli, Carson Toppa, and Dave Volpe.

Sheep will be played by actual sheep from the Watson Farm.

Readers will be Ray Dunlevy, Jim McLoughlin and Charlotte Richardson.

This year’s pageant committee includes Susan Lutes, Jeanne Bunkley, Bill Munger, Don Richardson, Jim McLoughlin, Mary Waddington, Mary Heath, and Betsy Gooding.

Special thanks go to pageant sponsors: the Jamestown Lions Club, Bill Munger, Jack’s Electric, guitarists Fred Brome and Kendra Davis, vocalists Marcia and Caitlyn Brome, Win Reed, the Rotary Club liaison, Dave Volpe, the Boy Scouts liaison, Bob Horan from the Lion’s Club liaison, the Minto family, and the Lower Shoreby Hill Association.

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