2006-12-21 / Letters to the Editor

Dear Friends and Customers:

I have been exceedingly fortunate over the last 12 years to have served many wonderful people in Jamestown while operating Seaway Oil. I will always cherish the trust, loyalty, and warm friendships that developed with so many customers over the years.

During this past year, I experienced a medical problem, which made a merger with another oil company both necessary and desirable. The recent letter sent to Seaway Oil customers explains the nature of the merger and the expanded services available. A second letter will be sent shortly to answer questions that have arisen in the interim.

I am very pleased that the merged Seaway Oil will offer heating system service, service plans and installations to our Jamestown customers. This is gratifying since quality burner service was becoming increasingly difficult to secure in recent years.

At the present time I am involved full time in the operation of the business. I expect to assist in the transition for the foreseeable future and have volunteered to serve as your customer liaison should you need help with the new services and routines. I can be reached at home at 423-0550 or at work at 847-0231.

I sincerely hope that my customers continue to patronize the merged Seaway Oil. My compensation for the merger depends on such patronage. More importantly, there are substantial customer benefits offered by the new organization.

The new parent company, Santoro Oil, is a solid family-owned and operated business with over 50 years experience. Resources include a large service department offering guaranteed work. Fuel supplies include company-owned storage as well as access to all of the major oil terminals in the region. In times of shortage, size can matter.

Thank you all, and I wish you and your families the best of health and happiness for the holidays and the coming year.

Larry Bonier,


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