2006-12-21 / Letters to the Editor

Tree lighting volunteers

I would like to thank everyone who helped in this wonderful community event. I’ll be able to mention only a few names, but Mr. Fred Bartlett helped trim the tree before the gale force winds, and Victor Calabretta and Winston Knight helped us again to prepare the beautiful Norway spruce donated by Mrs. Gertrude Desoito. In helping erect the tree at East Ferry, the ever ready Conanicut Marine volunteers included Doug Chapman, Steve Munger, Steve Froberg, Pres Froberg, and Bill Munger. Matt Largess of Largess Forestry brought his skill and tree knowledge to the team. In working with the stage and the sound system, we appreciate the assistance of the recreation department. and Keith Anderson.

The evening of the event there were many volunteers who were of tremendous help including Janet Smith and the Jamestown Women’s Club, Karen Kaufmann of the Jamestown Tree Lighting Band, B.J. Whitehouse and the Jamestown Chorus, Melissa Minto and the Jamestown Teens, and Jamestown Boy Scout Troop 1. We also benefited from the good humor, strong backs, and ready hands of John Baldwin, Tim Dwyer, and Andrew Kallfelz. It was also our good luck to have Julie Kallfelz and Elisabeth Baker help us distribute the goodies from our Jamestown bakeries. Last but by no means least, thanks once again to the Jamestown Chamber of Commerce and the Lions Club for their support.

Thanks everyone and lets do it again next year.

Mark Baker,


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