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Auditions rescheduled for ‘Yours, Anne’

Auditions rescheduled for ‘Yours, Anne’

The Jamestown Community Theatre has postponed the date of its auditions for “Yours, Anne,” its March musical production, due to the passing of Bruce Engelhard, one of its most beloved and dedicated actors.

The cast includes Anne, a girl of about 13 years old in appearance, her sister, Margot, who is a little older than Anne, their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Frank, Mr. and Mrs. Van Dan, another family sharing the attic space, their son Peter, who is a bit older than Anne, and Mr. Dussel, a dentist also living with them above the warehouse.

Those trying for a main role must be capable singers and performers, as the music is difficult and the roles are demanding. Anyone who wants to try out for one of these roles, should bring a song and sheet music to the audition that will show his or her vocal range and ability.

In addition, those who audition will be given lines from the play to look over and then read. Auditions for the lead roles will be held Dec. 30 at 11 a.m. at a yet to be designated location.

A few children, with an age appearance of 10 to 16 years old, will be cast in small peripheral roles, reciting poetry between some scenes and perhaps in flashbacks.

Those trying out for peripheral roles should memorize a serious and dramatic poem of at least 15 lines.

Any Jamestown residents who would like to try out should call Director Mary S. Wright at 423- 9993 or e-mail her at ms.wright@ mac.com by Wednesday, Dec. 27.

Those who would like to assist in areas other than acting should e-mail Producer Joan McCauley at: joanmccauley@cox.net.

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