2006-12-21 / News

Foundation awards grant to land trust

The Conanicut Island Land Trust has been awarded a $38,000 grant from the Rhode Island Foundation to provide part-time staff support in connection with the organization’s effort to protect the central island corridor.

Quentin Anthony, president of the land trust said, “We are happy that the Rhode Island Foundation saw our effort to protect the center of our island from development as worthy of a significant investment. The funds will be used to help the all-volunteer organization start a fund-raising campaign to relieve the taxpayers of some of the burden of paying for the land protection. Properties under consideration are the Neale, Dutra, and Ceppi properties. These properties form critical links to other properties already protected, including the golf course, the Hodgkiss Farm, and the Watson Farm. If protected, these properties will protect the already substantial public investment and preserve valuable farmland and critical habitat.”

Anthony added, “The land trust has no paid staff, and all the directors have work and family commitments. This makes it difficult to carry out our agenda, which is ambitious as it is. Hopefully, this grant will allow us to continue with our ongoing projects and sustain a fund-raising campaign. We owe our thanks to Director Dorsey Beard, who has been working the past year on this project and prepared the grant application.”

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