2006-12-21 / News

Island scenes needed for town calendar

The Jamestown Department of Public Works wants your pictures of the island for its new calendar which will highlight the need to recycle.

Public Works Director Steve Goslee, town engineer Mike Gray, Town Councilman Bill Kelly, and Town Planner Lisa Bryer are working on a grant application to the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Agency. A key component of the grant application is a 12-month calendar that will promote recycling on the island.

To make the calendar specific to Jamestown, pictures of island scenes are needed. These pictures will be incorporated into the calendar. Residents are asked to forward appropriate pictures to Lisa Bryer. High definition digital photos can be e-mailed to LBryer@jamestownri.net. Color prints, a minimum 4-by 6-inches, can be mailed to Lisa Bryer Town Planner, PO Box 377, Jamestown, RI 02835.

All photos must be received by Jan. 5, 2007.

Included in this grant application to RIRRA is a request for leaf bags. Ten will be given to each household in Jamestown for a spring cleanup of leaves and other appropriate garden waste. In addition, Councilman Kelly said the town is going to include a provision for an experimental composting program. This portion of the grant application will include a request for 25 composting bins valued at $40 to $50 dollars that will be given free of charge to the first 25 residents who sign up to take a one- to two-hour class on how to properly compost household waste into a useful gardening product.

Jamestown has consistently improved its recycling numbers year after year, and as a result the town has been rewarded by RIRRA with a cash incentive. This year the town has received $9,000, which will be used to buy protective winter gear for the public works department employees and additional equipment for the new DPW utility body truck just purchased by the town. “The town has done an excellent job with the co-operation of Island Rubbish Service with its present recycling program,” Kelly said. “But each year RIRRA keeps raising the bar, and it becomes more challenging for the town to meet its recycling goals.”

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