2006-12-21 / News

Member resigns from zoning board

By Dotti Farrington

Demoted from regular member to third alternate on the Zoning Board of Review, Ray Iannetta submitted his resignation from the new appointment several days ago without comment.

The Town Council refused to reappoint him to “regular member” status for a five-year term. One or more councilors considered not naming him to any seat. The Council discussion about Iannetta’s situation focused on the fact that he had missed several meetings, and he has been too active against the plan to build a new town highway barn at the former landfill site at the north of the island.

Iannetta told the council last month that his several absences from zoning board meetings coincided with his wife’s illness. He said then that his attendance would not continue to be a factor because his wife now is well.

The zoning board is the only town panel with the provision for alternate posts that are designated first, second and third alternates to be seated in that sequence when regular members are absent from meetings.

Zoning board alternates were moved up to fill Iannetta’s seat and the first and second alternate slots. Iannetta’s technical background and good job when he did attend were reviewed before the council appointed him to the third-alternate seat for a one-year term instead of dropping him completely.

The councilors in recent months have spoken several times about their concerns over absences at the meetings of town boards and committees. They noted that some town panels have not been able to the muster quorums needed to conduct business. The council expects to have a work session in January with chairs of town panels to discuss committee work as part of the council intention to review committee missions and attendance.

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