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New Year’s resolutions can make a difference

EDITORIAL New Year’s resolutions can make a difference

Another year has gone by, and it’s almost time to ring in the next one. A new year implies a new beginning and many of us will pledge a resolution or two. Often these resolutions involve healthy living, such as losing weight or quitting smoking. While these are admirable ambitions, there is no reason why we cannot resolve to better the world around us.

Here are a few suggestions for your consideration:

Resolution #1 — Let’s bring our troops home. This week the deaths of U.S. military in Iraq surpassed the number of people killed in the 9/11 attacks. Pledge to keep the pressure on the White House for a defined exit strategy. Let them know what you think. Write or e-mail George W. Bush, our two U.S. senators, our congressman, our governor, and even our state legislators. Voters sent a message to Washington in the last election. Let’s keep reminding the politicians.

Resolution #2 — Be kind to Mother Earth. She’s all we have. The old adage of “think globally, act locally” accurately describes how we can do our share to slow the pollution of our world. It all begins at home. Recycle everything possible. Save energy by replacing incandescent bulbs with low-wattage fluorescents. Walk, ride a bike, car pool or take a bus. Consume less and we’ll have decreased our impact on the earth.

Resolution #3 — Make our community better by becoming a volunteer. Jamestown is a great place to live because its residents make it so. Do your part here on the island, even if for just a few hours a month. There are many opportunities through civic or church organizations. Volunteer at the library or at the community farm. Serve on one of the numerous town committees, commissions and boards. It will be time well spent.

Resolution #4 — Help those less fortunate. Whether you make a donation to aid the suffering refugees of Darfur or give a bag of groceries to the local food pantry, be generous. Your dollars can go a long way in assisting the needy at home and abroad.

Ponder these ideas as you watch the televised big ball fall above Time’s Square this New Year’s Eve. These resolutions are simple but effective ways to make 2007 a great year. Oh, and don’t forget to give up those cigarettes. Happy New Year!

Jeff McDonough

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