2006-12-28 / News

Commission requests motion on two-lot subdivision

By Michaela Kennedy

The Planning Commission met for a one-hour meeting Dec. 20 to wrap up the last session of the year.

The commission closed a public hearing on a two-lot subdivision with a street extension on Hull Cove Farm Road. The board also agreed to send recommended changes to the Zoning Ordinance and subdivision regulations concerning charge-back fees for professional services.

The neighbors on Hull Cove Farm Road reached an agreement with development plan applicant Norton Reamer concerning use of the private road. Quentin Anthony, the attorney representing Reamer, shared an outline of the agreement between the both parties. According to the agreement, Hull Cove Farm Road will be extended 100 linear feet, and Reamer will add 6 inches of gravel to the unpaved road.

When some commissioners questioned whether the town engineer should look at the plans, Town Solicitor Larry Parks said, “The town engineer can only offer consultation on public safety issues.” He then asked for “the designs that have been proposed but not reviewed.”

After closing the public hearing, Planning Commission Chairman Gary Girard asked the town planner to collect the documents concerning the proposal and prepare a motion to be presented at the next meeting.

In new business, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to send a recommendation to the Town Council to accept amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and subdivision regulations related to fees for professional services.

The proposed amendments address comments and suggestions made at the work session held between the commission, the Zoning Board of Review and the council.

Solicitor Parks told the commission that the town may charge every applicant a fair price for consulting, according to the wording of the amendment.

Commissioner Betty Hubbard asked if applicants typically bring in their own professional. Board members agreed that applicants use their own consultants, but the commission would bring one in when a particular applicant appeared to need extra guidance.

Commissioner Victor Calabretta agreed with the solicitor that the town would be responsible for consulting fees. But Parks also noted that under the amendment the town could charge the fees back to the applicant.

In her report, Town Planner Lisa Bryer said that under the amendment the Town Buildings and Facilities Committee want to do a building inventory, and plan to do a site visit to all town facilities in the near future.

The commission cancelled its first meeting of the year, which was slated for Jan. 3. Meetings will resume Jan. 16, Girard announced.

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