2006-12-28 / News

Year in Review

Old bridge comes down with an explosive splash

Jamestown Bridge Project Manager Dick Zellen and Project Superintendent John McNulty of Cashman Equipment Corporation of Boston were all smiles on April 20.

Crews under their supervision had just successfully dropped the 1,100-foot center span of the old Jamestown Bridge into Narragansett Bay.

Using 350 separate charges totaling 75 pounds of controlled explosives placed in strategic spots to accomplish the task, the span fell without incident.

“Everything went exactly as planned,” said McNulty. “It was as perfect as could be expected.”

The controlled charges were detonated at 11 a.m., and by noon, Route 138 and the new Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge was reopened to traffic. The roads were closed for only two hours, half the time allotted for the event to take place.

Ten blasting events later, on Nov. 29, the last vestiges of the old Jamestown Bridge dropped into Narragansett Bay, marking the end of a colorful era. The building of the old bridge connected Jamestown to the mainland, and changed life on Conanicut Island forever.

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