2006-12-28 / News

Year in Review

Farm is among his many achievements

Getting Robert (Bob) W. Sutton to talk about himself was no easy task. He believes that successes enjoyed by any community are results of team efforts. When asked about his personal achievements he is quick to share the spotlight with those he believes deserving.

And so it was with the award he received on Oct. 6, as the Rhode Island State Grange Agriculturalist of 2006 for founding and developing the Jamestown Community Farm that provides food for the needy.

Born in Schenectady, N.Y., Sutton moved to Jamestown in 1971. His first involvement with the community was to help the Charter Commission write the Jamestown Home Rule Charter in 1973.

In November 1974, the Town Council approved the charter. The charter required a town administrator, so Sutton applied for the job and was hired by the town in January 1975.

After serving as town administrator for over 17 years, Sutton is still actively involved in community affairs. He now works for the state Department of Environmental Management, where he is the director of planning and development.

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