2006-12-28 / News

Year in Review

Matt Bolles’ reflections on public life

Matt Bolles’ reflections on public life

Nov. 10, was the last day on the job for retiring Parks and Recreation Director Matt Bolles, who spent 17 years serving the town in that role.

Bolles took a few minutes last week to reflect on the past, comment on the present, and tell about his hopes for the future.

Bolles said that the fondest memories of his job experience consist almost entirely of moments spent working directly with children and young teens in a learning environment, and then watching them succeed in high school and beyond. Whether the skills taught were athletic or artistic in nature, or a combination of the two, he said, “It has been a joy to see children, and even adults, gain the poise and confidence to succeed through involvement in recreation.”

When asked about his accomplishments during his tenure, he spoke in terms of activities that did not exist as town sponsored programs when he was first hired. While many dedicated volunteers and expert teachers helped establish many of the programs, Bolles said that he is proud of his role in facilitating the development of much more comprehensive public recreation services than Jamestown had previously known.

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