2006-12-28 / News

How do I find the right skis for me?

Finding the right skis is not unlike finding perfect jeans or even selecting a mate.

“In a perfect world we date, meet different potential mates, and then fall in love, hopefully for the right reasons. Choosing skis should be the same way,” says Craig Niiler, a Divisional Clinic Leader with the Professional Ski Instructors of America.

Don’t be swayed by cool graphics, dramatic descriptions or promises of better skiing, or you may wind up with the perfect skis for someone else.

According to Niiler, who currently is Director of Skiing at New Hampshire’s King Pine Ski Area, choices can seem endless. There are skis for cruising, racing, bumps, trees, powder, even those for new skiers.

He offers these tips:

Be realistic about your ability, the speed you ski, and your preferred terrain. Impart this information to a shop with a good reputation and a staff that skis and knows their products

If at all possible, try before you buy. If you can’t try the specific model and size at least try a few different skis similar to those you are considering. A good shop can interpret your ‘test results’ and suggest the best ski for you.

“Your relationship with your skis is a two way street,” says Niiler. “Properly tuned, waxed skis are happy skis. And happy skis will bail you out when you’re in trouble, make you look good in front of your friends, and make you feel great all day long.”

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