2007-01-04 / Letters to the Editor

New equipment… no barn

New equipment… no barn

I have just read about the new and refurbished equipment the highway department has obtained and have a question. Where are they putting all this brand new equipment? Out in the winter weather to rust? Our thanks must go to the few who have delayed construction of the highway barn for the last 20 years. Our taxes are higher so that the town can buy (much needed) new maintenance vehicles and leave them to over winter outdoors where they deteriorate. Almost everyone I have spoken to suggests that the concerned citizens holding up the building of the highway barn should be more concerned about all the other people on our island who would like better roads, less maintenance on highway dept. vehicles, and lower taxes.

The people of the highway department do a great job under difficult circumstances. If a piece of equipment at the back of the barn is needed. The entire barn has to be emptied to get that equipment out. Work on older gear often has to be done outdoors because there is no space in the present barn. Countless hours have been wasted moving equipment, maintaining rusted equipment, and traveling from one end of the island to the other to do road work. Lets make this year the year the highway barn gets built... next to old landfill.

Roger Marshall,


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