2007-01-04 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to good Samaritan

On Tuesday evening, Dec. 12, my wife and I left our home to seek supper because we were too tired for food preparation after rising at 3:30 a.m. to reach medical care in Boston. Before driving a mile, we developed a flat tire and called AAA. While we waited for their arrival, three drivers who saw that we had a problem stopped to ask if they could help. Eventually a truck also stopped behind us and the driver proceeded to change our tire. We thought he was the AAA service person, but soon learned that he was a good-hearted volunteer who simply stopped to help us. He also called the Jamestown Police Department for a protective officer. Our rescuer was Henry Tarbox, and we are grateful to him and to all who offered help.

Carl M. Helgerson,

Bayberry Road

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